in Tyrosse, “there are only very good guys”, smiles captain Arnaud Brissot

“It’s almost the same match appearance for the same price, finally, recognizes captain Arnaud Brissot. So many small mistakes that we pay cash on arrival. The UST will have had the merit of being violent in the second act. A capacity for rebellion that had to be retained, even if the Périgord concentration dropped a notch. “We had a good overall reaction, fortunately, because otherwise it could have been a real task, continues Brissot. Admittedly, this is not ideal for integrating the younger generation, but you have to go through it. We are not surprised, we know that there is a big margin of difference. »

“A real disaster”

Leaving with a class already singularly rejuvenated, Semisens immediately recorded, as a bonus, the injury of Simon Lalanne (dislocation of the shoulder), pledge of a semblance of balance of a back line already decimated before even launching the country. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many simultaneous injuries in three-quarters, it’s a real carnage”, regrets the hooker leader of men. A leader remembering satisfied with the nascent chemistry between rookie and young rising wave.

“Frankly, there are only very good guys, well in the mold of the club. For a captain, it’s easier, even if here, there’s never a big problem. The difficulties will be elsewhere. In particular in the way of apprehending the sequence of meetings, while the reception of Auch is looming, Saturday September 24 (5 p.m.). “It will only be big games, against two thirds of professional clubs. Over a season, with the notable differences in terms of recovery, it will play out. It’s heavy, but that’s what makes the challenge even more interesting. »

“No Jealousy”

All things considered, the Southerners will find a little of the amplitude of “their” Pro D2 (until 2006), an exhilarating context that the under 20s could only shed light on through the Bible de la Fougère. “On the crossroads of big city clubs, there is no jealousy to be had. We know that we must avoid missteps at home and that in the end, all the points will count. “The eternal tyrossaise crusade, in short…

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