INTERVIEW: Pierre-Samuel Pacheco | Rugby

Pierre-Samuel Pacheco is one of those youngsters from the training center who turned professional this season. At the club forever, our 22-year-old third line has participated in the first four meetings of this season with a tenure and a try against Agen. Replacing this evening, he was selected in the starting XV of the 3rd day of ProD2. He talks about his last two victories over the mermaid and looks back on his start to the season.

The last two victories are in the last minutes. What do you remember beyond the result of these two situations?

The ProD2 has evolved and the encounters are harder and harder. No game is easy. We know that meetings are played in money-time. For us, it’s proof of character and that we don’t let go until the last minute, especially when we see the last sequence against Agen. We fight for each other and you can feel it on the pitch.

Precisely this defense is very much in place this season on long streaks. The hard work of the whole season is paying off…

The group has not moved too much this summer. I think it’s also a state of mind. We don’t want to let go and there is always this character. Defense is one of the basics of rugby along with winning.

You weren’t spared from last season’s injuries. Today you chain. What is your feeling?

It’s true, I’m less bothered by injuries, which gives me confidence. The most important thing for me is to be physically well to be able to continue. I work to be able to perform on the pitch. I also have the confidence of the coaches.

How do you see this Vannes team?

They have a solid base with a big recruitment. They will come here with ambitions. It’s up to us to get it right for tonight’s game. The game will not be easy. We will do everything to win.

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