is the northern hemisphere now at the level of the southern hemisphere?

On October 28, 2023, there will be a new world champion, and if it was once again a country in the Northern Hemisphere after England in 2003? Over 9 editions, the southern hemisphere shares 8 Webb Ellis trophies: 3 for New Zealand and South Africa and 2 for Australia.

But the tide is turning and the fall tests accentuate this feeling. In effect, the first two nations in the world are currently Ireland and France. But above all France remains on a grand slam, 13 wins in a row and a year 2022 in vain.

After, New Zealand are still impressive with successful successes and despite a draw against England to finish. The All Blacks will advance as favorites as always. On the other hand, the reigning world champions, the South Africans, had an upset tour with two defeats against the Irish and the French but a victory against the brave Italians. The transalpine who beat Australia for the first time in their history. The Australian Wallabies meanwhile sank with three defeats in the final minutes each time.

But even within the northern hemisphere the gap is narrowing with the surprising victory of Georgia against Wales. Scotland and Italy continued their solid performances. The 2023 6 Nations tournament promises to be thrilling. He will start for the France team on February 5 in Rome against Italy.

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