Isle-de-Noe. Rugby: VVA L’XV ready to receive Marciac this weekend

The next meeting of the VVA L’XV against Marciac will be played at the Mirande sports park, the castle ground being impassable for the moment.

The first day of the championship which took place in Cazaubon last weekend, against BARC, saw the Lislois emerge victorious from a very balanced match. Despite a start to the game marked by strong pressure from the visitors, BARC planted their first try. The kick of Mr. Pujos will send, on three penalties, the ball between the bars, bringing the score at the break to the advantage of the visitors (8-9). The second period gave VVA L’XV the opportunity to score two tries by A. Domenech and A. Treyt. As for BARC, opener C. Donadi will bring the final score to 21-26 by scoring the last try of the game. The many spectators at the edge of the field were able to appreciate the commitment and discipline of the two teams. For the future, the men of the VVA L’XV will be keen to confirm the collective commitment of this new group in a raised chicken. Fans could only rejoice.

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