it starts very well for Stade Foyen

But stung, the Bazadais were able to react with their package of forwards for a try from their third center line Dalbin (14-7 in the 19th). A vulnerability from Romain Bottgen (22nd) and a magnificent try from the three-quarter wing Benjamin Ferretti at the end of the line, transformed into a piece by Romain Bottgen, added to the happiness of the Foyens (24-7 in the 27th). During one of their rare faults in defense, they were surprised by the opener opposite shortly before the break, but saw well in the lead (24-12).

In front and behind, the entire Stade Foyen team is to be congratulated.

JC. f.

Defensive bonus

When they return from the locker room, the 10 Rouge et Noir uses two new features to reassure their people and put them a little more protected. It was good for him, because the Stadistes began to accumulate blunders, especially in touch, showing themselves too undisciplined, and therefore too often sanctioned.

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