It’s getting worse and worse for the Canal Football Club!

New black Sunday for the Canal Football Club show, whose audience continues to decline week after week.

The Canal Football Club has been at the heart of the controversy since Sunday. Blame it on the words of Hervé Mathoux and Bernard Carayon, who indeed hinted that the companion of Kadidiatou Diani and the adviser of Marie-Antoinette Kato retained among the four men indicted and imprisoned during the weekend within the framework of the Hamraoui affair, in addition to Aminata Diallo, the former teammate of the PSG midfielder.

And if Hervé Mathoux quickly published a corrective on Twitter, this message may not be enough for the respondent who did not fail to react, Monday, via his lawyer, the latter threatening legal action ” in court in defamation any person who would evoke his participation in these acts”. The iconic CFC presenter received another piece of bad news on Monday: CFC viewership figures.

The CFC at its lowest

Canal+’s flagship program continues its descent into hell. On Sunday, the show was followed by only 424,000 viewers, for a market share of 2.3%. The audience therefore continues to decline since they were 440,000 with a market share of 2.5% last weekend, 464,000 (2.8%), two weeks earlier and even 482,000 with a market share of 2.9% three weeks back. The fall seems inexorable for the CFC.

The audience was also down for Téléfoot, which attracted only 694,000 viewers for a market share of 11.9%, whereas they were 824,000 viewers ahead of Grégoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu for 13.3% of market share the previous weekend. Very good results, however, for Stage 2, which was seen by 1.67 million viewers (7.5%) against 1.28 million viewers and 6.2% market share seven days earlier.

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