Jean de Villiers gives the keys to the victory of the Springboks against the All Blacks

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To start the Rugby CHAmpionship, the All Blacks start strong with a trip to South Africa on Saturday August 6, against the Springboks. And if we had to give the advantage to one of these two nations, it would be to South Africa. Because the New Zealanders, for their part, are going through difficult times, with results well below expectations.

Jean de Villiers is one of the legends of South African rugby, with more than 100 caps for the Springbok. The former South Africa captain has spoken to Planet Rugby about the upcoming clash between the Springboks and the All Blacks. And for him, the rainbow nation has plenty to win the next two games against Ian Foster’s team. First of all, and it is logical, because of the bad dynamics which surrounded the Blacks.

The All Blacks have had very poor results recently, and will want to rectify the situation against the South Africans. They are struggling in certain aspects of their game, and the Boks will have to exploit these weaknesses.

However, this is not the only justification that Jean de Villiers brings, and he evokes the Super Rugby that the New Zealanders did not play in South Africa. And this could have an impact on the physical condition of blacks, vis-à-vis the altitude.

Super Rugby players no longer play in South Africa. In the past, it happened to them playing at altitude during Super Rugby and so it wasn’t too much of a problem for them during the Tri-Nations or the Rugby Championship. This year, many New Zealanders will therefore not be used to this atmosphere, which will be beneficial to the Boks.

Jean de Villers finally gives a key for the Boks to secure victory against their New Zealand opponents. And that key is balance. And this balance, it must be found at the level of the attack.

I hope the Boks have learned from the last two games of last year against the All Blacks. They had lost the first game by showing no ambition with the ball in hand. The second game, they won it by keeping the ball in hand and presenting opportunities to attack. This is where the Boks are best, the 2019 World Cup final being a good example.

The Boks put the other teams under pressure with their game (…) but if they manage to balance their attack and keep the ball, they can claim to win both games against the Blacks.

to summarize

To start the Rugby CHAmpionship, the All Blacks start strong with a trip to South Africa on Saturday August 6, against the Springboks. Jean de Villiers, legend of South African rugby, gives the keys that allow the Boks to win the two games against the New Zealanders.

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