Joël Cyprien is the physical trainer of the Lanester handball team 1 – Lanester

The Lanester handball flag team will play its second home game, this Saturday, September 24, against Vénissieux. Since the start of the season, the players have had a physical trainer, Joël Cyprien, at their side. Hired by the club part-time, he intervenes two days a week and on match days with the players, for whom he ensures the warm-up.

Graduated by the State and the Transfair organization, Joël Cyprien has coached tennis players in Austria and the Czech Republic and worked in a specialized reception center in Grand-Champ as part of the physical maintenance of residents.

Avoid injury

“With the Lanester players, I work on muscle development, prevention, nutrition, mental preparation and cardiovascular development to allow them to last longer and more effectively. A well-prepared player will avoid injuries and will be more effective in recovering,” explains Joël, who is also coach of the girls’ team at the Séné handball club.


Match this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at Salle Jean-Zay. Admission: €6.

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