Jordan Veretout: “Coming back to France at OM is wonderful”

At 7:15 p.m., Friday evening, Jordan Veretout signed up for three seasons at OM. Then, accompanied by his staff, including his agent Vadim Vasilyev, the former boss of AS Monaco, he joined the Commanderie press room for a totally improvised conference. “In times of difficulty for people, you have to be empathetic with them”first explained Pablo Longoria.

The president of OM defended the 29-year-old player on Wednesday afternoon, while some OM supporters campaigned against his coming on social networks, with the hashtag #VeretoutNotWelcome. These devotees are relying on rumors of a court case involving his in-laws. “We are here to talk footballa sequel geared up Longoria. Every Olympian must be happy with what we are doing: Jordan Veretout is one of the best French players. He decided to come and play here with us, he is complete, he is a midfielder who adapts perfectly to the philosophy of play that we want to put in place, two or three in midfield, with a lot of dynamism and the ability to pass to start the game and accelerate it. » Then, the media were entitled to… two questions, to evoke this arrival.

“I’m here to have fun, to have great results, beautiful emotions”

You have been announced several times at OM, notably in the summer of 2015. Do you expect us to explain why you took the plunge this season?
There had been nothing really concrete. I wanted to live adventures abroad to discover another football culture. Today I think it’s time to come back to France. Coming back to France at Olympique de Marseille is wonderful. It’s a big project. I am very happy, I hope we will do great things this year.

How did you experience the protest from some OM supporters following an extra-sports affair?
I came here to play football. These are difficult, complicated times. I in no way endorse such facts. I have nothing to do with that story. I am here at OM to have a good time with everyone, whether within the group or with the people at the Vélodrome. I am someone who is generally appreciated, happy. In Italy, I was appreciated by everyone. I’m here to have fun, to have great results, beautiful emotions. Last year I experienced very great emotions with Roma (a victory in the Europa League Conference against Feyenoord, editor’s note). I want to continue, to experience that here at OM, it must be so magical here. I will give my all and fight until the end.


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