Julien Guerrier: “A season full of ups and downs”

Disturbed for a few months by a pain in the collarbone, Julien Guerrier arrives at the Cazoo Open de France with ambition and a new way of living his life as a professional golfer.

Golf Planète: How do you view your season so far?
Julian Warrior: It’s a season full of ups and downs. I made a lot of good places and I missed a lot of cuts. In previous years I was more consistent, but 35th place doesn’t give many points. It’s better to make some big performances to advance to the Race.

GP: Did you modify things to be able to find scores lower down?
JJ: It was a goal to get lower scores. That’s what happens, but on the other hand, I missed a lot of cuts. We must optimize the good weeks. I will analyze the season when it is over. For now I’m trying to put things in place. I try to do everything better, especially outside of golf, at the organizational level. I take into account the times of sleep, training, meals, etc. much better. I also played a few times in the last game this year and it takes a lot of energy. It’s something you have to learn to deal with as well.


(Julien Guerrier with his trainer Jean-François Lucquin)

GP: You decided not to play in Italy last week to arrive as fresh as possible?
JL: I haven’t played in Italy because it’s important to find places to rest. And I took the opportunity to have my collarbone infiltrated because I’ve had small pains for three months that I can’t resolve.

GP: You have often succeeded in tournaments sponsored by Cazoo. And this week is the… Cazoo Open de France!
JJ: I was twice third in a tournament sponsored by Cazoo this season, that’s true. But it’s more the course that suits or not, more than the name of the sponsor… But I wish myself to do well in the Cazoo Open de France.

GP: What do you think of the Albatros’ course this year?
JJ: It’s always a pleasure to play the Albatross. There is a lot less rough this year. But the course remains difficult. Different. But still just as difficult.

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