JUSTICE – Hamraoui case: Aminata Diallo, the “second victim” according to her defense

“There is a second victim called Aminata Diallo“: the day after their client’s release from prison, indicted in the Hamraoui case, the lawyers of the former PSG player reaffirmed her innocence on Thursday morning, denouncing an investigation”a load” against her.

After five days in pre-trial detention, Aminata Diallo, prosecuted for “aggravated violence” and “criminal association” in the investigation into the attack on her ex-teammate at Paris SG Kheira Hamraoui in November 2021, left the prison on Wednesday evening. Remand prison for women in Versailles.

This was owned “very complicated physically and psychologically” for the 27-year-old player, said her lawyer Me Mourad Battikh during a press conference on Wednesday morning. Aminata Diallo has been released, under judicial supervision.

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“The real victim is Mrs. Hamraoui. But there is a second victim called Aminata Diallo. She was molested on the evening of the incident, pressed against the steering wheel of her vehicle“, also declared Me Mourad Battikh, in reference to the presence of Aminata Diallo in the vehicle, with Kheira Hamraoui, the evening of the attack. The latter was notably beaten with an iron bar in the legs.

The placement in pre-trial detention of Aminata Diallo was notably designated by the fact that the four men indicted in this case, suspected of having participated in the attack, have her as the sponsor.

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Big deal. It’s been 10 months since the eye of Sauron has been over Aminata Diallo, it’s easy for the real commander to tell the aggressors that the day they get caught, they will have to charge Mrs Diallo”replied Mourad Battikh. “Reading the file in depth reassured us about the inability of the prosecution to link Aminata Diallo to the attackers by any material element”, he pressed. The attackers were contacted by an intermediary, still unidentified.

Regarding the Google searches carried out by Aminata Diallo before the attack (“breaking the kneecap” and “cocktail of dangerous drugs”), revealed by The Parisian, his defense denounced “a very burdensome operation of his telephone”.

We can say what we want to fragmented exploitations (…) we asked for the exploitation of the complete telephone to determine in what context she did this research“, replied Me Mourad Battikh.

His colleague Me Romain Ruiz reproached him for the “rapid bias of investigators on Aminata Diallo’s claim”.Players who want to have their place in the France team, it’s not a motive, it’s a sporting reality”, he supported, in reference to the sporting rivalry between the two players.


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