Kate Middleton tennis fan: this year she was banned from Wimbledon

Kate Middleton has been a huge tennis fan for a very long time. Each year, the Duchess of Cambridge does not fail to settle in the stands of Wimbledon to applaud the champions of the tournament. An event of which she was deprived in 2013 for a very specific reason.

Played since July 3, 1877, Wimbledon is the second oldest tennis tournament in the world. Taking place in the eponymous area of ​​the London Borough of Merton, in the south-west suburbs of London, it is also the highlight of the grass season. Indeed, in addition to being the last Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon is the last to be played on this surface. A competition offered in honor of players practicing serve and volley, which the British royal family never misses. And for good reason, each member of the House of Windsor receives an invitation each year to sit in the Royal Box, the most exclusive of the stands. Thus Kate Middleton and Prince William have become regulars at the tournament. However, in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge was deprived of matches. The reason ? She was pregnant with George, and the doctors had strictly forbidden him to go to the stands.

Mortified, Kate Middleton had sent a letter of apology to Andy Murrayas it recalls The mirror July 2, 2022. “I wrote to him afterwards to say: ‘Sorry I wasn’t there.’ In this letter, I also offered him all my congratulations”said the mother of the family in the BBC documentary Sue Barker: Our Wimbledon. A devotion justified by British protocol and by the love of sport. “It’s such an essential part of the English summer. I think it really inspires young people. Myself, it allowed me, when I was younger, to get involved in the game. It hasn’t changed, I think that’s what’s so wonderful.”, she explained in front of the cameras. Three years later, when Andy Murray had again participated in the Wimbledon final, Kate Middleton had been able to be there to see him win his second title.

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Prince George learned to play tennis with Roger Federer

In 2019, passing through London for the Wimbledon tournament, Roger Federer tutored Prince George. During a press conference, the former world number 1 was flattered to be the favorite tennis player of the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William. “He’s a cute boy. I love seeing interest in tennis or sports. His mother has always loved tennisrevealed Roger Federer during a press conference given on July 4, 2019. And to add, with humor: I hope Prince George will always consider me his favorite player in a few years and he didn’t just say it like that because we exchanged a few bullets.”

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