Kheira Hamraoui speaks: “We can’t go after a human being like that”

Eyes reddened, throat knotted, Kheira Hamraoui agreed to break the silence this Thursday evening at the microphone of RMC and BFM TV. While Aminata Diallo, indicted last Friday for “aggravated violence” and “criminal association”, was released on Wednesday and placed under judicial supervision, the PSG player returned to the ordeal she has endured since her death. assault last winter.
I have pain today when I speak, it’s normal. Everything I had, throughout my career, I fought for. To see overnight that everything is falling apart, it hurts…”, she named, simply desiring “replay at the foot“and”everything goes back to how it was“.”I am above all a woman, a human being, and you can’t go after a human being like that (…) I know that there are people who are not accompanied and who could have had dark ideas. I was lucky to have held on throughout these ten months of ordeal“, confessed Hamraoui, whose agent also spoke this Thursday evening.

Forced to train on her own for seven weeks, the international also added that her Wednesday evening “has been destroyed“After seeing, from the stands during the Champions League match between PSG and Haecken, that her club had assigned her number to another player.”I don’t even have the words to describe how I feel it’s so cruel“, she concluded.

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