Kindergarten, gym and table tennis room… All you need to know about the projects in the western districts of Antibes

Tirelessly, neighborhood meeting after neighborhood meeting, Jean Leonetti repeated the same message. The opportunity especially for the first magistrate to keep his citizens from Antibes up to date on the latest news from the city of the Remparts.

Energy saving, end-of-year holiday program, territorial coherence scheme, change in Envibus lines [voir notre édition du 22 novembre]… The inhabitants of the residential western district have not escaped this before tackling the projects that have a greater impact on their daily lives.

Overview of future achievements.

What about the Brochand gymnasium?

We are going to become the sportiest district of Antibes-Juan-les-Pins”proudly launches Françoise Thomel, district assistant to the assembly, before presenting the sketches of the future table tennis room and the gymnastics room which will be built at the Auvergne stadium.

The start of work on the tennis court is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023 and delivery in early 2025. On the other hand, that of gymnastics will take place well after. And if the 6.9 million euros spent on the table tennis room made some of the assembly wince, others are especially wondering about the future of the Brochand gymnasium which today hosts the gymnasts. “Either we make it a green space, or a small building, or another project… for the moment nothing is recorded “, assures the mayor.

A garden in Estagnol park

Little by little the Parc Estagnol is changing. After the Olive Grove, the shared garden and the sports structures, the City intends to develop a fenced playground for children in 2023. After the koalas in Square Delaunay, the fortified castle in Semboules, it remains to be seen what theme will be chosen for this garden. To your ideas…

Development of Chemin des Plateaux Fleuris, finally for 2023?

Good news: the road widening project on Chemin des Plateaux Fleuris – “we’ve been talking about for years“, according to Françoise Thomel – is about to be completed. On the program: creation of sidewalks and parking lots on both sides of the road. Due to delays by the promoter (BNP Paribas) during the construction of the building land of sky, the start date of the work has been postponed to the end of 2023 for a period of five months. The cost is 900,000 euros. The City will take advantage of this work to bury the networks, install landscaping and create a turning area at the end of the road.

Allée de la Méditerranée: soon a building permit for the two villas?

A project should soon see the light of day for the two villas”abandoned” and “squatted“located at the end of the Allée de la Méditerranée, next to the Exflora Park.”The promoter, who acquired the land, was waiting for the PLU to be approved before filing his new permit”, explains the city. To do what ? “We don’t know the project yet, but it can’t make a building. It will certainly be rehabilitation.


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