La Baule: the man came to recover his car, his former friend received him with a golf club

The Saint-Nazaire court sentenced the perpetrator of the blows with a golf club to a 12-month suspended prison sentence ©Frédéric Prot / L’Écho de la Presqu’île

The two men who meet at a gas station in Guérande (Loire-Atlantique) on March 21, 2022 have been great friends.

In fact, the defendant, a 42-year-old Swiss, still uses the vehicle lent to him by the victim about a year ago. After an exchange of middle fingers, the latter goes to the home of the Swiss national.

According to him, his former friend (whom he suspects of having a relationship with his ex-girlfriend) then showed up at the door “in a combat position”.

At the bar of the Saint-Nazaire Criminal Court on Wednesday, September 14, he explains:

“I try to close the door, the carpet slips, I panic”.

He panics so much that he grabs one of his golf clubs which are in the living room, joins his visitor outside and strikes him several times before calling the police.

Even if he claims “not to have aimed for the head”, the victim of a left temporal wound requiring six stitches. “The forties carries at least three other blows”, affirms the prosecutor, since the man is also reached in the thigh, the back, the ribs.

“You almost killed him”

However, there had been a precedent in September 2021. According to him, the defendant had gone to the victim “to ask him how much he owed for the insurance”.

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Against the background of the dispute over “Covid vaccination”, “He had gone berserk”. Then a second in January 2022. This time, the forty-year-old explains again: “It was he who came to my house saying:” Come, we are going to put it on “. I had filmed the scene which I showed to the police”.

The victim does not have the same version: “I went to his house to get my car; I sent him messages; when I passed him, he pretended not to see me. I calmly knocked on his door, I was knocked right away and I collapsed…”

“Under the influence of stress”

Lawyer son, Mr.e Marie Chedru, underlines how much this aggression disturbed this man who does not come out unscathed and pleads in particular for a medical expertise and a dismissal on civil interests.

The representative of the public prosecutor admits having “difficulty to really understand the context”.

She deplores the attitude of the defendant:

“You almost killed him and today it looks like you are the victim! »

She points out: “He respected his judicial control, except for the care”. She requires six months in prison with suspended probation, sentence doubled by the court.

The defendant confesses his sincere regrets: “He helped me enormously, I am aware that it is very serious, but he provoked me and I was under the influence of stress”.

Civil interests will be debated at the end of June 2023.

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