Labastide Beauvoir. Recruitment continues at the rugby club

To allow the Labastidoise reserve to enter the competition, the ACLB is promoted to regional 2, a new name in the Occitanie amateur championship. The pool is made up of clubs from TUC, Hers Lauragais, Mirepoix, Cœur de Lomagne, XV de la Save, Seilh Aussonne, La Barguillère, Lavelanet, and finally Villemur Fronton, in order of opposition.

It is now up to Henri Didier and Conrad Souplix, for the front page, and Emmanuel Barbero, for the second, to take on the responsibility of supervising and guiding the troops towards a joyful spring.

Under the leadership of Régis Albarede and Fabrice Berges, re-elected president, recruitment continues. The resumption of training is scheduled for mid-August for a first official opposition on September 18.

Good wishes welcome

The rugby school, too, is in preparation. Aurélie Rouquette and Sabine Tesseire, after several years of management, handed over to William Andreu. Good will will be welcome: coaching, educators, players. As for the old ones, the “Green Tamalous”, G. Contival plans to make them relive some sensations on Sunday mornings, with an oval ball of course, exercises followed by a snack before supporting the greens and whites along the talanquère.

One or two more weeks of rest and recovery for all towards the 2022-2023 season.

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