Lacaune. Tarn Cup: the Football-Club continues

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After a victory won last Saturday in the league, FCL qualified for the Tarn Cup against a fine visiting team.

Lacaune received the Labastide Lévis team on behalf of the Tarn Cup, a club which played in the same division but which is the leader of its pool. The match promises to be tight! From the start, the visitors show why they are first and put pressure on the locals, but Bernie in the cages keeps watch by making several saves. The storm passes and in the 15th minute Lacaune takes over his opponent, Riwan and Titi on the sides make differences but the actions do not succeed, Titi twice sending his shots just above the goals. Local attacks are fast, but so are counter-visitors. In the 25th minute on a corner the ball is messed up by the Labastide defense and Daniel, our number 9, hits hard and scores the first goal! 1.0. Lacaune continued to press, the midfielder made up of Brandon Blanc, Raphaël Gesse and Sacha Bousquet ruled the roost, but the score did not move until half-time.

In the second half, the game will be more choppy, less fluid, fatigue will be felt. The visitors, behind by a goal, kept hope by getting a few situations but Bernardo let nothing pass and the defense trained by the two Anthonys (Carquet and Barbazo) held on until the 75th minute when on a corner from the visitors , a hand is whistled in the surface! Penalty and Bernie is taken on the wrong foot and must bow. Lacaune comes back from the front and will create chances by Titi, Daniel and Riwan but the score did not move. Penalty shootout that Lacaune wins by scoring all his goals (Barbazo, Coulpier, Guiraud, Blanc and Zérouali) when Bernie on his side stops a shot giving qualification to FCL. Victory against a very playful young Labastide team. We wish him the best in the league. On the local side, congratulations to the young people of the football school who were the 12th man supporting the seniors on the field and who shared their locker room in the end. Moment of sharing between the two generations to be renewed!

Monts de Lacaune: childcare services

All-night drugstore : Lacaune, Viane, Murat, on-call service from 26 November to 2 December provided by the Vialade pharmacy in Viane, tel. 05 63 37 51 57.

Doctor on call : Sector of Lacaune, Viane, Murat, Brassac and Anglès, for November 26 and 27, composer on 39 66 or 15.

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