Landes tennis got off to a good start

With 7,691 licensees and a 7% increase among young people, tennis is once again popular and the enthusiasm for padel is no stranger to it. Jean-Jo Ciron welcomed the increase in the number of tracks, which goes hand in hand with the increase in the number of licensees. Women’s tennis is also at the heart of the concerns and the secretary, Catherine Belleret, detailed the actions dedicated to it.

Multiplication of actions

In terms of school tennis too, actions are increasing since 5,000 students (+ 2,000) have been introduced to it. Another track, more surprising, tennis health which is recognized as a therapeutic tool in a certain number of pathologies (cancer, stroke prevention…) and whose regular practice stimulates seniors. On the other hand, nine clubs (+2) are labeled Adapted Tennis.

Jean-Jo Ciron also insisted on the values ​​of respect conveyed by tennis, illustrated by Roger Federer’s last match against Rafael Nadal which brought tears of emotion to Switzerland’s farewell in September. In 2022, the competitions resumed with a vengeance and the work of Kévin Olexa, in charge of the sports development of the clubs, was mentioned.

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