Latour-Bas-Elne: the rugby school, the youth school

Francis Sabardeil, president of the Roussillon-Saleilles South Territory rugby school, presented the parents of the club’s licensees with the annual general meeting, in the presence of Mayor François Bonneau.

Created 40 years ago, this rugby school (for children aged 6 to 12) wants above all to perpetuate rugby among the youngest who attend elementary schools. Hence this idea of ​​creating rugby at recess, in partnership with teachers and municipalities. This year, this club was produced by about 110 young people. Each new school year, there are initiations to athletics, participation in tournaments, a trip to a friendly club, the reception of a club (like Cervet Geneva or recently the rugby school of FC Grenoble). The financial report was precise and the balance sheet correct. The reports were adopted unanimously.

In his speech, François Bonneau contributed to all the parents and volunteers for having chosen this club which dresses young rugby players in Latour-Bas-Elne and elsewhere.

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