Launch of “Hand at any age”: the first French handball tournament for the over 55s

The “Hand at any age” tournament will take place on Saturday October 22, 2022 at the Maison du Handball in Créteil (94). For the first time, three companies specializing in aging well are joining forces with the French Handball Federation to allow players aged 55 and over to take part in an unprecedented competition, with one ambition: the organization of a European tournament. of handball in parallel with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

A unique handball tournament

Saturday October 22 is a date to remember with the kick-off of the “Hand at any age” project, the first handball tournament for the over 55s organized in France. Open to women and men, amateurs and former professionals, the tournament will be presented at the Maison du Handball in Créteil (94) to around a hundred players from all over France. The common point of the participants: being at least 55 years old, being part of a club and wanting to have fun and surpass themselves alongside other enthusiasts. With 4-a-side handball, the tournament takes the form of an original competition: a practice that the French Handball Federation wishes to develop among its licensees for its fun, friendly and accessible nature.

Sport to fight against ageism

The “Hand at any age” tournament is organized by VIRAGE-VIAGER, Préfon and the Silver Alliance, three companies in the Silver Economy sector. Together, they are joining forces with the FFHandball to launch this unprecedented tournament, with a dual objective: to raise public awareness of the importance of sport for aging well and to fight against ageism – age-related discrimination – by giving to see, through sport, another image in the media of aging.

At VIRAGE-VIAGER, we have integrated an offer around aging well to allow seniors to enjoy their retirement. Thus, supporting the “Silver Generation” wishing to remain active and enjoy their free time sportingly has become obvious. This is why, with our partner and associate Préfon, who is also a sponsor of the French handball teams, we came up with the “Hand at any age” project. Solidarity, team spirit, dynamism and sharing are all values ​​that “correspond” with the DNA of VIRAGE-VIAGER.

Éric Guillaume, President and Founder of VIRAGE-VIAGER

Préfon’s participation in the “Hand at any age” project is an opportunity to show Préfon’s commitment and determination to give a real place to retirees in our society. The October 22 tournament is thus the opportunity to create a positive dynamic around a sporting and festive event, in particular by allowing players to forge links. This is an opportunity for Préfon to share its values ​​of solidarity and commitment in conjunction with the various organizers of this event.

Christian Carrega, President of Préfon-Distribution

At Silver Alliance, we have made the fight against ageism our societal commitment. This is why for the past two years, with our Rêves de Seniors operation, of which VIRAGE-VIAGER and Préfon are partners, we have been making the dream of elderly people come true to change society’s view of ageing. It was therefore natural that the “Hand at any age” project should be part of the continuity of our operation, since it offers the opportunity to passionate seniors to participate in a tournament dedicated to them – a first – and to become ambassadors of their discipline.

Benjamin Zimmer, Director of the Silver Alliance

The FFHandball has always ensured that each population can practice handball at any time of life: age should not be a hindrance to the practice of physical activity. With the implementation of the “Hand at any age” project in collaboration with Préfon, VIRAGE-VIAGER and the Silver Alliance, the Federation wants to allow people over 55 to participate in an exceptional and unprecedented event: a national tournament for over 55s at the Maison du Handball.

Philippe Bana, President of the French Handball Federation

A dream: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

This tournament is the first stage of the “Hand at any age” project, the ambition of which is to organize a European senior handball competition, in parallel with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The tournament is thus a means of identifying profiles of players to form the first national team for the over 55s. An unprecedented action that would mobilize the general public against ageism beyond our borders.

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