Lavalanet. Rugby: RPO teams are present

In Saverdun, the U8, U10 and U12 of the RPO, were opposed to Val XV and the locals.

U12. Two teams participated. The confirmed had difficulties to put themselves at the level of the adversaries of the day, and conceded two severe defeats. They realized the work to be done. On the other hand, the second years were more successful and brought a lot of satisfaction to their educators.

U10. Despite the quality opposition, they managed to show themselves at the level, despite the start of delicate encounters. They respected the instructions and show real qualities.

U8. They followed in the footsteps of the greats. It was difficult to get started, but what followed showed good attitudes.

U16. Facing Portes du Comminges, the RPO-Mirepoix rally, still undefeated after five days, knew that the meeting would be complicated. Indeed, the premises quickly score the first try, transformed quickly. Without giving up, they bowed again, but Rullier allowed his people to reduce the mark, 12-5 at halftime. The second act does not reverse the trend despite Rullier’s double. Defeat 24-10.

U19. Everything was in place for a difficult match: a trip by car (given the impossibility of finding an available bus), capricious weather and a Val XV team determined to remain masters at home. The start is ideal for the RPO who manages to go behind the line twice by Bousquet and Siret, (transformation of Siret), 12-0. The locals push hard, thwart the Ariégeois, but their defense is hermetic. Val XV manages to score on breakdowns three times. The victory acquired in the difficulty, 12-9, which could have escaped, is all the more appreciable.

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