LBE. The discreet Juliette Faure firmly leads the Besançon boat

ESBF – Merignac

Saturday (8 p.m.)

“At home, Juliette tells us little about handball and herself. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention”, Her big sister, Camille Faure (30 years old), probably transmitted the handball virus to her. “Young, I was playing back at a regional level. My parents took Juliette and Arnaud with us when I played matches. She must have taken a liking to it then. »

“The boys were crying for losing against a team with a girl in it”

“In -12 years, we played together, in the same team. She was the only girl,” recalls Arnaud, her twin brother. “When we won the regional cup, some boys opposite cried. They were crazy to have lost against a team in which played a girl. And she was playing very well. »

After having made his scales in Handball in the Land of Silk…

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