Le Mans Sarthe put to the test by fire

First club in the Pays de la Loire in terms of licensees (350), Le Mans Sarthe table tennis also has the particularity of being the only female representative among the Pro clubs. The association run by Yannick Faveur thus joins the old dinosaurs of the specialty, namely Angers and La Romagne. In addition to blowing a little fresh wind on the regional landscape, the arrival of the Sarthoises at this level validates the work accomplished by the players and the management team.

The Pro B of table tennis is, since its appearance in September 2003, the equivalent of the second division of the championship of France by teams. A level never reached at Le Mans for the Ladies because in Sarthe, in the 60s and 70s, the Mamers club, dear to the Moriceau family, played in the major division of the time, namely the National 1. And this, for several consecutive seasons. The climb forced us to structure ourselves a little more, with volunteers, to meet the different expectations.explains the Sarthois leader.A new dynamic has been triggered around the first team.

+ Sarthe. Table tennis: the former champion in retraining at Le Mans

Yannick Faveur: “Minimum maintenance”

September 2022 therefore marks a new turning point in the history of Le Mans Sarthe Table Tennis, born from the merger of the two historic clubs and trainers of the Le Mans city: ASL (ex-COP) and ASGM (ex-Association Sportive Maupertuis and Gazelec Le Mans).

​Sometimes given to taste of the day, sometimes ​abandoned, according to the comings and goings of leaders, the project finally materialized in 2017, helped by the construction of a new hall (rue Garnier Pagès), on the site of the former Davaze gymnasium which had burned down in November 2005. It is hoped that the 300 seats will be guaranteed on Saturday for the start of the season. Entrance to the room remains free, with entertainment as a bonus. The accession to Pro B has created a certain excitement in the club as around. Evidenced by the increasing number of licensees since to date we are 350! The establishment of a real pyramid, with women’s teams also involved in National 2 and 3 must also allow all our hopes to find their place at the top level one day or another…

In Pro B, it is not uncommon to find international players, like the Russian Guesewa Ekaterina (26 years old, ranked N.45 French) and the newcomer Agnès Lelanic (50 years old, ranked N.51 ), a defender, member of the France team from 1987 to 2000 (5e individual Euro 1992). Apart from our Russian player, the other four work alongside! We can consider that our players are semi-professional. With an annual budget of €70,000, I think we’ve managed to put together a team capable of playing at least the maintenance, or even getting involved in the first third of the pool if all goes well.

Two days before the start of the 2022/2023 season against Paris 13 (Saturday at 5 p.m.), the president of Le Mans Sarthe table tennis knows that a victory for the team coached by Jérôme Surand would be a good way to start the season.

Live on LMtv

The day that all Sarthois ping supporters have been waiting for a long time has arrived. This Saturday at Le Mans will be the opening of Pro B. This meeting will also be broadcast live on LMtv. Everything will be implemented on the occasion of this great premiere. Players, managers and volunteers are ready for this entry into the big leagues, facing the Paris 13 team. Opponents that the Sartheoises met on the last day of last season.

For this exercise, the formation is composed of Ekaterina Guseva (French n°45), Agnès Le Lannic (n°51), Claire Clavier (n°88), Elodie Nivelle (n°101) and Elisabeth Gladieux (n°111 ). The coach being Jérôme Surand.

Practice : 51 rue Garnier Pages in Le Mans. The presentation of the teams will take place at 4:50 p.m. this Saturday. The meeting will begin at 5 p.m.

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