Lendl regrets that the Grand Slam race between Djokovic and Nadal is distorted by vaccination

The eternal debate of the best player in history between Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer is still in full swing, and it will be until they retire. But Ivan Lendl said he feared the match could be skewed by Covid-19 and the thorny issue of vaccination.

Who is the GOAT? This is THE question that divides all tennis fans around the world. Only the number of final Grand Slam victories, at the end of the career of the three monsters of the circuit, will be able to decide between them, according to Ivan Lendl: “The story of being the best in history is not over yet. It will end when Federer, Nadal and Djokovic say goodbye to tennis. Currently, Federer seems to be more distant because he has not played for a long time and also because he is the oldest”, notes Lendl, for the Croatian media Nova TV.

Rafael Nadal is currently at 22 Grand Slam titles, Novak Djokovic at 21 since his coronation at Wimbledon and Roger Federer 20. At almost 41 years old, the Swiss, who has not played for more than one seems out of the race.

Younger, in better shape than his two competitors and “better” than Rafael Nadal on all surfaces off clay, Novak Djokovic seems to be the favorite. But an element outside tennis could reshuffle the cards.

A fake duel?

Vaccination against Covid 19, compulsory to participate in several tournaments, could play bad tricks on Novak Djokovic, who refuses to be vaccinated: “The only thing that worries me a little is that this fight is affected by political issues right now, because of the vaccination issue I just hope that in the next 20 years we don’t see it that way, that we don’t have to say who is the greatest because of politicians,” warns Lendl.

The eightfold would like a Grand Slam winner would like one of the three to get everyone to agree, largely dominating: “I see someone at the top with a lead of two, three or four Grand Slams. record of who it is, I don’t have a favourite. That’s the only way to answer that question,” concluded Ivan Lendl.

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