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Logically, and above all easily, the Bleues disposed of the Cameroonians this Saturday in Beauvais (4-0). The France team therefore succeeded in the first of its two preparation matches before the Euro, even if the opposition was not necessarily representative of what it will encounter in England.

France 4-0 Cameroon

Goals: Malard (31e), Mbock (38e) and Sarr (58e63e) for the Blues
Sent off: Cissoko (90e+6) at the Blues

For their first preparation match, Les Bleues comfortably won against a weak Cameroonian team. This success obtained this Saturday in Beauvais is reassuring, or in any case is not alarming if we take into account the modest level of the adversary. Corinne Deacon took advantage of this meeting to quickly bring in new blood, thus being able to gauge more players. The big winner of this friendly is surely Ouleymata Sarr who offered himself a nice double off the bench, even if stealing the place of a member of the Cascarino-Katoto-Malard trio seems unlikely. Her teammate at Paris FC, Clara Mateo, also delivered a very good performance. France must still challenge Vietnam, next Friday in Orleans, before flying across the Channel to compete in the Euro.

Waste in the last meters

As the sun sets and offers its last golden rays on the lawn of the Pierre-Brisson stadium in Beauvais, the Bleues, third in the FIFA rankings, start a meeting which should only be a formality. Cameroon, 54 years olde world nation, quickly understands the evening he is going to spend. And the presence of Samuel Eto’o in the spans does not change anything. The French put their foot on the ball and only let go of the visitors on very rare occasions. During keys or six meters for example. But the women of Corinne Deacon can circle the ball quite easily, it gets tougher in the last 25 meters. Delphine Cascarino has to go on a solitary raid from the left and unleash a heavy strike to finally make the leather flirt with the frame (11e). As night falls on the prefecture of Oise, the Tricolores are more and more clean in the last meters.

Clara Mateo, who is still doing wonders on her right side by eliminating her opponent, crosses in the direction of Katoto who takes the right in first intention. Her attempt is countered, but returns to her right foot with which she instantly triggers, forcing Bawou to make a big save (27e). It was in the wake of the first light Cameroonian opportunity (a timid distant lob) that the France team ended up sanctioning. While Mbengono makes a catastrophic pigeon wing in his camp, Matéo takes the opportunity to launch Malard with a header. The Lyonnaise goes to goal and goes to beat Bawou (1-0, 32e). Selma Bacha’s teammates will continue to push and will soon find the fault a second time. On a long ball from Charlotte Bilbault, the Cameroonian goalkeeper completely cracks her exit and returns the ball to Griedge Mbock, who is dragging in the box, and the Lyon defense propels the ball into the net (2-0, 38e).

Tame Lionesses

Despite the three changes activated at the break by Deacon, the Bleues continue to unfold. Baltimore, which is one of the entrants, stands out by missing a very big opportunity when it was found at the penalty point by Malard (49e). Another incoming, Ouleymata Sarr, is more clinical in the last gesture when she rises much (much) higher than everyone on a corner kicked from the right by Marion Torrent to add to the addition of the header (3-0, 58e). Barely five minutes later, she puts it back on a corner. This time hit on the left by Kenza Dali, the Paris FC striker made a superb diving header to earn a nice double (4-0, 63e). Found by Mateo, her teammate at Paris FC, Sarr is very close to the hat-trick, but the post prevents her from bringing the match ball home (86e). As this end of the match lacked spice, Hawa Cissoko decided to take two yellow cards in the last moments and was therefore expelled. See you next Thursday in Orléans.
France (4-3-3): Chavas – Perisset (Torrent, 46e), Tounkara, Mbock, Bacha (Cissoko, 82e) – Dali, Bilbault (Palis, 62e), Mateo-Malard (Toletti, 68e), Katoto (Baltimore, 46e), Cascarino (Sarr, 46e). Selector: Corinne Deacon.

Cameroon (4-2-3-1): Bawou – Kith (Doudou, 78e), Johnson, Awona, Collette – Omboudou (Aretouyap, 56e), Claudia (Ngock, 33e) – Nchout, Yango, Mbengono (Ossol, 56e) – Kameni (Onguéné, 78 years olde). Coach: Gabriel Zabo.

By Leo Peat


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