Les Bleus sad for Hernandez despite the good start… Follow Wednesday with us

8:00 am: Tut tut it’s time!! Top start of a new day of the World Cup on 20 Minutes, with this general live intended to know absolutely EVERYTHING about what is happening in Qatar. We’re going to talk a lot about the Blues, of course, today, after last night’s 4-1 victory against Australia. But not only.

Big day yesterday, with the huge surprise created by Saudi Arabia against Argentina and the wide but somewhat complicated victory of our French team against Australia. There is plenty to say this morning, and then on to the matches of the day: Morocco-Croatia (11 a.m.), Germany-Japan (2 p.m.), Spain-Costa Rica (5 p.m.) and Belgium-Canada (8 p.m.). All to follow live on our site, sure.

And then our special envoys Aymeric and William will continue to delight us with their made in Doha items. And in the middle of all that, we will reveal 1,000 info and anecdotes (non-contractual number).

>> To find out everything that’s happening in Qatar as if you’ve thought about it (but without turning on the air conditioning), it’s here

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