Lezat-sur-Leze. Rugby: around the handrail

For the opening game of the season, the room was quite large, despite the competition. Several neighboring clubs too. This, we say, also played rugby and even if we did not attend a great meeting, all the actors tried to give the best.

For the visitors, it was a question of making mayonnaise between the two new entities. According to their coach, there was reason to calmly consider the rest of the competition. If on the side of the Lézatois, some executives were absent (Abril, Naylies…), the new doublet of coaches, made up of Beaudot and Picco, succeeded in integrating the new ones. And if there are still many sectors to work on, she can be satisfied with the victory which will launch the season on the right track.

For the reservation, for a few seasons, it is complicated to play at XV, even at XII. Last Sunday, it was ten against ten (reduced strength among visitors), that we had to play. But it’s a good “first” for the trio of coaches, Abril, Rives and Arnaud, who started with a superb 47 to 5 victory. Congratulations to the group: Allen, Boucher, Lecina, De-Yzaguirre, Chardeau, Boubila, Beret, Mouret, Aillières, Arnaud, Falc, Barale, Barre, Etchebarne, Bizzozzero.

For their next match, Sunday October 2, the Lézatois will have to proceed with caution the trip to Labarthe. But Labarthe, not having a reserve team, the Lézatois should know Roques, who is integrated into this group… Case to follow

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