Libourne and the Union impose themselves abroad

By Jean-Pierre Nowak

With the offensive bonus, the URC (Ambarès, Saint-Loubès and Izon) occupy first place

The men of Bruno Delblancu, Lionel Gimenez and Quentin Dupuy made an almost perfect copy in Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc and won 32-0, with a solid defense and good offensive sequences which brought six well-made tries. Two from Granger, Oliveira, Cazenave, Roinard and Dumigron and a single transformation from Rabanier.

The Libournais also won 24-7 at Villenave-d’Ornon, with three tries from Crabol, Gheziel and captain Soulat. “Our team has been renewed at 80%, but there is already a good cohesion and a great solidarity, which made it possible to take the upper hand in a committed, rough but correct match”, specifies the president Frédéric Holgado.

The Coutrillons received Martignas-Illac. Of its 19 players, 13 come from the local rugby school. The average age within the team is 22 years old. They led 18-13 at the break with a try, conversion, two penalties from Castaing and a second try from Guinaudie. In the second half, the game did not drop in intensity, but it was the visitors who finally took the lead by closing the score in the 77th minute. Enough to deprive the Rapid of the defensive bonus.

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