Ligue 1 has four runs for the 2022-23 season: “There could be tensions quite early in the season”

This season, we risk hearing: ‘we are aiming for 44 points‘”. Whether for Gérald Baticle’s SCO Angers, or a dozen or so Ligue 1 teams, the battle for retention will be tough in 2022-23. And even more difficult than in previous years: to move to a championship with eighteen teams next season, in order to enhance the L1 with a view to the marketing of post-2024 TV rights, four teams will be relegated to the lower level. observers not concerned by the games at the bottom of the table.
When we arrive at the competition, of course we will talk about it with the players. I can already hear them discussing it among themselvestold us the Angevin coach at the beginning of July. Last season, some teams went for maintenance ten games from the end and then they had other things to play for. It was interesting. They played with a lot of lightness, confidence, ambition and enthusiasm. I hope we can live this.”

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41 points may be enough

Since Ligue 1 went back to 20 teams in 2002, the average points of the sixteenth (the future first non-relegation) is 40.94 units. A total that Troyes (15th, 38 pts), Lorient (16th, 36 pts) and Clermont (17th, 36 pts) did not reach last season. On the other hand, during the 2010-11 season, he should have reached 46 points for his maintenance (note: Monaco, eighteenth, had gone down with 44 points).

To find traces of a French championship with four runs, you have to go back to the end of the last century. The wish of French football at the time was to reduce the number of matches of what was still called the First Division for the 1998 World Cup. Caen, seventeenth in 1996-97, had made the costs. Patrice Garande, then assistant to Guy David, still harbors regrets.

We finished three points behind the sixteenth Rennes (37 points against 40) and with better goal difference (-11 against -18), remembers the ex-technician of Dijon. With one more success, we held on. But we had a disastrous start with no wins and four draws in the first ten days. With the experience of this 1996-97 season, I know that we must not miss the start of the championship.”

Last season, after 19 days, Saint-Etienne had 12 points but was able to catch up during the second part of the championship. In 2022-23, the task will be even more difficult for the team or teams lagging behind this winter. “Before, with the two runs and the place of play-off, the teams were never really dropped during the seasonemphasizes Patrice Garande. From now on, the teams that will be at the bottom of the table very early will have to have a lot of resources to save themselves. The psychological aspect will be essential.”

When you go down in L2, you never know when you go back up

With the Covid crisis and the Mediapro fiasco, French professional clubs now have little financial room. From 70 and 50 million euros in 2021-22 in L1, Saint-Etienne and Metz saw their budget increase to 30 and 25 million in Ligue 2 according to a recent study by the Ecofoot site. Without forgetting that the recovery operation is not an easy mission. Auxerre took ten years to regain the lift and Le Havre has been waiting since 2009 to validate its ticket to the elite.

When you go down to L2, you never know when you’re going up. With four relegations, the consequences will be significantconfirms Patrice Garande. I think there could be tensions and complicated situations quite early in the season.” For many teams, the road will be long to exceed the famous bar of 42 points dear to Guy Roux.

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