Ligue 1: Monaco kicks off its season with a great victory on the lawn of Strasbourg (1-2)

Monaco can say thank you to VAR. While Habib Diallo thought he was signing a double to snatch a point in added time, the but was finally canceled, allowing the Monegasques to win with forceps on the lawn of Strasbourg (1-2). Philippe Clément’s men had a two-goal lead before playing to scare themselves against a team that never gives up. The operation remains good for ASM, which gives itself a surplus of confidence before going to challenge PSV Eindhoven to play a possible Champions League play-off. Accustomed to a sluggish start, the Rocher club is off to a good start.

Has Monaco already taken its good resolutions? It’s still too early to tell. But the fact remains that the Monegasques pocketed three points by beating Strasbourg, the last team to have them fall in the league. The match started with a bang, with a first face-to-face between Sofiane Diop and Matz Sels, punctuated by an offside position (1st). It was nevertheless necessary to wait until the end of the first period, relatively balanced, to see the scoreboard come alive. It was Krépin Diatta, with a sublime volley, who opened the scoring after a set piece from Monaco (0-1, 43rd). Previously, the goalkeepers had shown themselves, Alexander Nübel against Dimitri Liénard (21st), Sels against Gelson Martins (37th).

League 1

Summer, the great battle of Monaco


Monaco, with forceps

Moreover, it must be recognized that the last bastion of Strasbourg did what it could to definitively prevent its team from sinking, for example to prevent the double of Diatta (49th). On the other hand, he was more unfortunate when repelling a cross from Martins on Diop, opportunistic and rewarded for his availability (0-2, 53rd). The scenario of the match seemed to completely escape the Alsatians, who probably waited too long to really react. Habib Diallo still wanted to sound the revolt, experiencing the score of an unstoppable header (1-2, 65th). On the previous action, Sels had once again been decisive by fixing a strike from Jean Lucas on his post (61st).

Krepin Diatta (AS Monaco) opened the scoring against Strasbourg on the first day of Ligue 1.

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Monaco therefore had the match well in hand, but still found a way to get a few scares. Worse, the club did not go far from the correctional when, in the final minutes, Diallo propelled another header into the back of the net. Fortunately for Philippe Clément and his men, the VAR intervened to find a slight offside position and cancel the equalizer which would have given Monegasque supporters nightmares (90th + 5).

In the process, Nübel remained lucid until the end to prevent Thomasson (90th + 6) then Gerzino Nyamsi (90th + 7) from obtaining a draw. On arrival, Monaco continues its crazy series in the league, without any defeat recorded since last March. It was… at La Meinau. Better still, over the period, the Monegasques won 10 of the 11 matches played.

The joy of the Monegasques, victorious from Strasbourg at the start of the championship.

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