Lille Métropole Rugby Festival – Together, for a better society

Very committed to societal causes, the partners present at the LMRF carried out three days of strong commitments. Grace and with rugby.

Developing rugby is good, but everyone involved in this fantastic Lille Métropole Rugby Festival was driven by something more than a simple love of rugby, or even the simple desire to win a match. What made the success of this festival is the ambition to make this sport a real social factor, promotion, integration, links between all people and all backgrounds. It is this desire that made it possible for three days to warmly bring together the local authorities (the Hauts-de-France Region, the Nord department, the European metropolis of Lille), the clubs (from Marcq-en-Barœul and the Stade villeneuvois), associations (Ovale Citoyen and Impact Oval), private partners (Air and Space Force, Unikalo) and two organizers to orchestrate this score: the Ligue des Hauts-de-France and Midi Olympique. Driven by the duty to send the leather well beyond the limits of the field, they recovered almost a thousand players from the Capital of Flanders over three days.

At the end of the day on Thursday, Lille students challenged each other during the touchdown rugby tournament.
Baptist Barbat

Clubs, schools, colleges, high schools, faculties, priority neighborhoods, or simply enthusiasts. On a natural lawn installed Place de la République, we saw, the joy of random growth, dozens of David surprising Goliaths. Young girls crocheting boys and the latter returning the favor. Insiders screw their passes, neophytes send bricks, spectacular dives and forwards in the in-goal. Whatever, we especially saw a lot of respect when shaking hands, and as many smiles when putting the medal on the neck, alongside the Brennus.

“The Olympic North”

Off the pitch, in addition to introducing hundreds of young people from priority neighborhoods to rugby, the Impact Oval and Ovale Citoyen associations are working hard to find work for those who ask for it. Thirty offers will succeed. The Air and Space Force also puts its heart into it to offer career opportunities. Only a few rain showers can reduce the queue in front of their stand. It must be said that we do not have the opportunity every day to settle down, joystick and lever in hand, in a cockpit equipped with virtual reality which allows you to fly over alpine valleys or Las Vegas.

The LMRF is the celebration of all rugby!  Here sensitizations and animations of wheelchair rugby.

The LMRF is the celebration of all rugby! Here sensitizations and animations of wheelchair rugby.
Baptist Barbat

Even the reception a few steps from the village, in the magnificent prefecture of Lille, was, for once, brief and dynamic. With a master class from Prefect Georges-François Leclerc, a loyal reader of Midol, who takes up the challenge of quoting us the legendary fifteen players who alone have achieved the 77 grand slam, before concluding with these words: “I dream that we rename the Midi Olympique, in the Nord Olympique!” We are not there yet but that is to say if the territory has ambitions.

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