Limeuil sorting without having failed

“It’s the second time that Limeuil is in the 4th round, the first time was…” President Dominique Richard no longer remembers the exact date, but it goes back. As a result, there were almost as many people around the handrail as FCL licensees (nearly 200), which is a sacred performance for a village of barely 350 inhabitants.

New impetus

The poster was enough to make you salivate since the D1 team, which lives only to maintain it in the departmental elite, welcomed Girondins playing in National 3, four divisions higher. And despite all the good will of the players of the confluence, the gap quickly made itself felt.

“We deceived the first quarter of an hour. Tactically as physically, they are in their place and we are in ours, ”recognizes the coach. “We can go out with our heads held high, we tried to produce some play”, retained Benjamin Raynaud, the captain and striker. He and his teammates struggled the whole game.

But the Girondin battering got the better of the will of the Limeuillais, who held out for half time. In particular thanks to goalkeeper Maxime Roux, who struggled in front of Chevalier and, above all, Talansi, who weighed on the defense and scored the first two goals.

“The second we tues, it comes early [NDLR : 51e] when we had a great first period. “Behind, physically, Limeuil was overwhelmed. The former Trélissacois Housni released some classy gestures and El Falaki coated the whole thing with two masterful free kicks, the second of which could not be more in the skylight.

“We played with our weapons and we will have to be counted on in the league and why not in the Coupe de Nouvelle-Aquitaine or the Dordogne. The Coupe de France is a trust storage service. It’s a momentum that we don’t want to bring down, ”continues Francis Alix. First response on Saturday October 1 with the return of D1 and a trip to Périgueux Foot.

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