Limoges Handball remained firm in Istres

When greeting the opposing team in a row before kick-off, Andréa Guillaume slowed everyone down to give hugs to many Istrean players, proof of the good image left by the right winger in Provence. . But the Limougeauds, on the other hand, did not drag on the way to launch their meeting.
Gajic and his people found a formula that worked quickly: watering the pivots with balloons like a Nieto whose size posed a big problem for the Provençals.
In a meeting that did not shine with its goalkeeping saves in the first period, Alberto Entrerrios’ men were able to take advantage of Provençal errors such as this ball which slipped into the hands of Kotters on the numerical superiority (14-16). Hrstic or Fernandez were them, surgical.

cold efficiency

Limoges thus continued to race in the lead and took advantage of Provençal ball losses, yet (still) in numerical superiority to count four lengths ahead of a goal on the wing from Fernandez or a 7m throw from Gajic (18- 22, 37e). But with once of success and opportunism, Berkous and his partners returned to the meeting (21-22, 42nd). A scenario that would repeat itself.
This time, two 7m throws from Gajic allowed Limoges to regain serenity, barely chipped by the direct disqualification of Petit, author of a hard foul on Berkous, sounded for a few moments (22-24, 44th). The flaw found by Iglesias in the Provençal defense and the cold efficiency of Gajic on 7m throws gave Limoges another four-goal lead with 15 minutes remaining (22-26).

Relive the match live

Time for the Provençals to offer a final adrenaline rush to La Halle on a counter-attack from Nikolic (25-26, 48th). A waste of time for the “Violets”. Serdarevic decided to close up shop and took out two major saves on Berkous and Kotters to dampen the enthusiasm of an Istrée team which suffered from the effectiveness of a Limoges formation. This is confirmed in the money-time with two ultra-important goals for Dolenec and especially Gajic, who entered second pivot 13 seconds from the end, allowing Limoges to sign an important victory in Provence (34-33).


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