Live. A bitter defeat for AOV Rugby

The Viviézois rugby players made their comeback in the Regional II championship on Sunday at Fernand Teulié, receiving the Gramat team which won the final 9-7. The overhaul of the championship explains that AOV Rugby, which played last season in the 2nd series, will meet again this season, this was the case with Gramat and this will be the case in Carmaux next Sunday, formations which played two levels above . Of course this is important, and as we said after the game the technical duo from Viviézois Jean Luis Dougé and Adrien Reydy “Our players showed restraint, too bad, because this team was within our reach and we didn’t miss them much. We think that with a little more desire we could have imposed ourselves by playing as we know how to do. We did not rule out the game enough. We will have to work, and continue to work”.

Vulnerabilities to furnish the score

In fact, even the supporters were a little lost at the start of this match.

What was the level of this Lot training, what was that of their foals… In short, a lot of expectations around the spans of Fernand Teulié.

The start of the match was more to the advantage of the visitors who camped in the local camp without being really dangerous.

And then the “zingueurs” will loosen the embrace and come to settle in Lot land, where they will obtain a missed 13th minute, and will approach the promised land without reaching the franchisor. The jostled, but more powerful visitors will return to the AOV camp and obtain 2 penalties (22nd and 32nd minutes) and take the lead with a 6-0 score. AOV will inherit 2 misplaced penalties and at the break, the visitors lead 6-0. In the 50th minute, sanctioned for AOV just missed and this will be important in the end, because after several strong moments a few meters from the Gramatoise goal line, the visitors will return to the Viviézois camp and obtain a finesse (78th) which passes and 9-0 for Gramat.

The AOV let go and Antoine Sanhes on a personal action will go to queen, transformed by Pierre Louis Madec… But it is too late, the referee whistles the end of the match.

Next Sunday, trip to Carmaux.

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