LIVE – PSV-Monaco: cruel disappointment for Monaco who will not see the Champions League this season


It’s over at the Philips Stadion! Beaten 3-2 by PSV in extra time, Monaco will not see the Champions League this year. In favorable waivers after the goals of Maripan and Ben Yedder, ASM was joined on a goal by Gutierrez before the final whistle. In extension, De Jong dispelled the hopes of the Rock on a whim. Van Nistelrooy’s players will face Rangers in the next round.

Jean Lucas in the wall

Perhaps the last chance free kick for Monaco at the entrance to the surface. Jean Lucas shoots him but takes the Dutch wall! Corner !

The KO is not far away for Monaco

There are not many players left to defend in Monaco! Gakpo presents himself in a good counter position but is barely caught!


What a blow to the head of Monaco! Perfect cross at the back post of Sangaré for the head of the inevitable Luuk De Jong! 3 to 2 for PSV!

Monaco still dangerous

Another good cross from Vanderson but it does not benefit the Monegasques! Jean Lucas attempts a breakaway shot but it’s wide.

Last change for Monaco

It’s Jean Lucas’ turn to come into play instead of Matazo! He will have to bring punch to the midfield.

We change sides!

We have reached the end of the first part of its extensions and the two teams are changing sides. 15 more minutes to play!

Diatta countered at the last moment

What an overflow from Gelson Martins who crosses at the far post for Diatta’s volley! It’s sent back by Ramalho!

Diatta misses his shot

In a good position at the entrance to the surface, Diatta tries to roll up but completely misses the target.


With two steps of momentum, Caio Henrique rolled up his free kick and brushed against Benitez’s post! We were not far from the saving goal!


But what bad luck for Monaco! Perfect cross from Gelson Martins on the head of Embolo which touches the crossbar! Benitez was largely beaten!


We will have the right to an extension in this meeting after the equalization of PSV! Monaco may have regrets but will have to calm down to win tonight.

Philippe Clément is beside himself

It’s been five minutes that Philippe Clément is derailing on the edge of the field! Obispo’s tackle remains visibly across…

It’s getting tense in the Monegasque staff

A member of the Monaco staff is expelled for too virulent protest! Obispo’s tackle from behind and a possible offside on the but got the better of this person!


This match is crazy with Gutierrez equalizing with a header from a quickly played free kick! He may have been in an offside position but the but is finally validated!

Embolo cut into the surface

Huge counter ball for Monaco with a three against two! Embolo leaves alone but is tackled from behind by Obispo in the area! The referee said nothing, yet it seemed illegal.

Yellow card for Obispo

PSV defender Obispo takes a yellow card after a big stamp on Gelson Martins!

Sofiane Diop comes into play

Last change for Philippe Clément with the return to play of Sofiane Diop. He replaces Wissam Ben Yedder, author once again of a very good match.

Nubel captures a head

The PSV returns to the Monegasque camp and it arrives on the head of De Jong but it is captured by Nubel!

Monaco is pinching PSV

The substitutes for Philippe Clément have borne fruit since the start of the second period! We can also credit his goals to the Monegasque coach.


He is the super scorer of Monaco! Gelson Martins progresses from 30 meters and sends a cross to the far post for Ben Yedder! The French international ends the action with the left foot in a not obvious angle, 2 to 1!

Gelson Martins makes his comeback

Takumi Minamino gives way to Portuguese Gelson Martins. Between him and Diatta, Monaco won in percussion!


Very plunging cross from Veerman towards De Jong but in the end no one touches the ball! Nubel watches the ball brush past his post…

Obispo remains on the ground

The PSV Obispo defender remains on the ground after taking a ball in the head! Gutierrez will make his entrance for the Dutch.


Barely back in the game, Diatta sets fire to the defense of PSV! He gets on his right foot and sends a heavy shot that Benitez deflects for a corner!

30 more minutes to play

We have just arrived at the hour mark and Monaco seem more inclined to score another goal! Watch out for Gakpo’s dazzling counterattacks!


Here is the equalization of Monaco! On a set piece, we witness a small mess and the ball returns to Maripan who finishes the job two meters from the goals!


Free kick on the side perfectly shot by Henrique who finds the head of Maripan! The Monegasque defender takes the outgoing post, what a pity for ASM!

More change for ASM

Philippe Clément continues to make changes with the returns of Caio Henrique and Krepin Diatta. Golovin and Jakobs exit.

Ben Yedder could have equalized

Corner for Monaco well obtained by Ben Yedder! It’s messed up in the area and the French international misses his volley.


It’s the break at the Philips Stadion! Bad weather for Monaco which is led 1 to 0 by PSV on a goal from Joey Veerman, scorer in the first leg as well. With this provisional result, ASM is eliminated in the race for the Champions League. The two teams put a lot of rhythm, Monaco is rather well in place but was surprised by a perfect action from the Dutch.


Opening of Matazo for Ben Yedder who resists Obispo and presents himself against Benitez! He hits hard and the former Nice goalkeeper diverts for a corner! What a stop!


Corner for PSV and the Dutch play an almost perfect combination! We feint the corner in the box and it’s finally a back pass for Veerman who takes the ball! It’s countered and it ends up in Nubel’s gloves!

5 more minutes to play

For the moment, Monaco is eliminated in the race for the Champions League with this score of 1-0 against PSV! There are still 5 minutes to play before the break.

Both teams neutralize each other

For the moment, the two teams no longer realize how to take each other backwards, we no longer see many beautiful dangerous actions.

Disasi put De Jong in his pocket

We had the right to a few duels between Disasi and De Jong and the Monegasque defender won them all! Physically and technically, he is on top for the moment.


What an individual action from Saibari who breaks through on the left side! He strikes, hooks on his right foot and continues with a heavy strike. It’s above!

Monaco must react

Very interesting free kick for Monaco with Jakobs trying to put it in the box! It is immediately released!

Yellow card for Sangaré

ASM quickly go against to try to destabilize PSV but Sangaré commits an anti-game foul. The former Toulousain takes a yellow card!


Opening of the PSV score on a magnificent action! Mwene finds Saibari in depth who crosses back for Veerman! The middle adjusts Nubel with a nice flat foot, 1 to 0 for PSV!

Possession is for ASM

Even in hostile lands, Monaco manages to have the ball the most, which already annoys legend Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Monaco is planning well

The Monegasques managed to move up the field well without getting any chances.

Watch out for Gakpo

Starting in depth, Cody Gakpo comes up against Nubel from a tight angle and tries a shot! He takes the small net but he was signaled in an offside position.

Benitez catches another strike

Vanderson recovers a ball in front of the surface and allows Golovin to strike on goal! Benitez is on the trajectory!

Yellow card for PSV

Yellow card for Guus Til for a shirt pulling on Ben Yedder who left on the counter. This is the first warning of the encounter!

Golovin misses his shot

Ball messed up at the entrance to the area and Golovine tries a very powerful volley which also passes very well above the goals of Benitez.

PSV intensifies

In these first minutes, PSV encountered a lot of intensity on their ball comebacks. They want to pack the game from the start!

First action for Ben Yedder!

Well launched from the head by Volland, Ben Yedder presents himself against Benitez but is too short to surprise Benitez who lies down perfectly.


And let’s go for this return match between PSV and Monaco! The Monegasques will have to put out a big game against the talented. The winner of this 3rd round will face Union Saint-Gilloise or Glasgow Rangers for a place in the 2022 Champions League.

The compositions have fallen, a Monaco still very offensive

The eleven of Monaco: Nübel – Vanderson, Disasi, Maripan, Jakobs – Minamino, Fofana, Matazo, Golovin – Ben Yedder, Volland.

PSV XI: Benitez – Mwene, Teze, Obispo, Max – Sangaré, Til, Veerman – Saibari, De Jong, Gakpo.

>> All the details on the composition here

ASM players woken up in the middle of the night by PSV ultras

It’s a classic that never pleases: the PSV ultras set off wild fireworks at 4 a.m. in front of the hotel of the Monegasque delegation. According beautiful morningAS Monaco reported the incident to UEFA.

It’s the big night for AS Monaco

After a somewhat infuriating draw last week (1-1), the Monegasques travel to the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven in the lair of PSV. Objective, of course, victory and qualification for the next round, where they will compete for a place in the Champions League against the Belgians of the St Gilles union (victorious 2-0 in the first leg) or the Scottish Rangers. Kick off at 8:30 p.m. The match is broadcast on Canal+.

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