Longoria singled out for Tudor choice?

On RMC, Jonatan McHardy expressed his doubts about the new Marseille coach Igor Tudor. For the journalist, Pablo Longoria applied himself by applying Sampaoli’s successor.

Olympique de Marseille is going through complicated times. The departure of Jorge Sampaoli a few weeks ago left a big void among Marseille supporters. His successor Igor Tudor is currently struggling to get his message across. The Croatian coach begins to crystallize the criticisms internally, until he doubts the choice of Pablo Longoria to place him at the head of the team.

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Management was taken aback by the departure of Sampaoli. We realized that the method worked well and that the players adhered to its ideas. You know all the good things I think of Pablo Longoria, but I think that on this one he rushed. He panicked a little when he saw the resumption of the championship arrived. he looked at which coaches were free and that he could bring in quickly. In the press conference following Sampaoli’s departure, it was claimed that the club will find a new manager very soon. He also realized that De Zerbi’s contract situation was a bit complicated with Shakhtar Donetsk. I don’t see why Longoria would have thought of inducting Tudor to bring discipline back into the team. There was no need for it, everything worked fine. It doesn’t look like him. I think he is taking a very big risk. It is often said that a player who has had a very good season in Ligue 1 is not asked to sign for OM. Series A is my favorite championship after league 1. I watch a lot of matches. Hellas Verona by Tudor, I’ve seen it quite a few times. It’s a team that puts on a show, but when you look a little bit at who Igor Tudor really is, I have a little fear. For me, he’s a coach who has only had one good season. It’s like a player who has only had one good season in Ligue 1. It scares me, because OM must imperatively requalify for the Champions League. There is the reform of the C1 which is coming in 2024 and the club must protect a place in the top three in the years to come. Tudor is currently unable to provide an absolute guarantee of a very high place in the ranking. There are chances that we will see some play but he has only had one good season and above all he has no experience in the European Cup and the Champions League. » Jonathan Mac Hardy Source: After on RMC (01/08/2022)

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