LOSC plans to give the Girondins formal notice in connection with the transfer of Junior Onana

The LOSC (or rather Olivier Létang) will not make any gift to the Girondins de Bordeaux (or rather to Gérard Lopez). In La Voix du Nord, we learn today that there is a dispute between the OSC of Lille and the club with the scapular, about the transfer of Onana Junior. The Cameroonian international, in the process of leaving the Girondins since the club descended to Ligue 2, was transferred from the North to the Gironde against 2 million euros. If the first half of the transfer was honored (last summer), the second should have been by July 31, 2022 and was not.

Thus, as reported by the northern press, LOSC plans to put the Girondins de Bordeaux on notice this Friday. On the side of the FCGB, if no official reaction has been given to La Voix du Nord, we leave “Hearing that the second deadline on the transfer of Onana would be assured this Friday morning. To close the case.”

A matter of a few days then? Most likely. Junior Onana is due to be transferred soon anyway, presumably to Italy. If the Girondins expect around 9-10 million euros, they would only have offers from Italian clubs of a maximum of 6 million euros. Junior Onana is not one of the high salaries of the club, but it is obviously that a return of money, combined with a drop in the wage bill, does not prevent us from harm in the context of approving the contracts of our players in the waiting room.

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