Lot-et-Garonne: amateur rugby champions rewarded Thursday evening in Agen

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The first edition of the “Lot-et-Garonne Amateur Rugby Trophies”, organized by “La Dépêche du Midi” in partnership with the departmental rugby committee, took place on Thursday evening at the Agen exhibition center.

The Agen congress center was Thursday evening, for an evening, invested by a cohort of rugbymen and rugbywomen. In partnership with the departmental rugby committee – which is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year – the La Dépêche du Midi group organized the “Amateur Rugby Trophies” for the first time in Lot-et-Garonne. And for a first, it was a real success!
Nearly 300 people gathered in Agen for this “family reunion”, hosted over an aperitif by a local band. Amateur rugby found its way there immediately. “This evening is for you! Take it, enjoy it, ”said Eric Laffont-Baylet, managing director and director of external relations for the La Dépêche du Midi group.
Thanks to the obvious enthusiasm for the ovality of a host who perfectly “drove” the evening, players, volunteers, managers, educators, coaches took to the stage to finally be distinguished by the rugby lot- et-garonnais. Some were visibly more comfortable than others in this exercise: the ground is often more practicable than a show stage.
Several leaders and winners determined last night the importance of honoring this field rugby which, every Sunday, brings life to village stadiums, thrills thousands of people in the department. Daily, and especially on weekends, these amateur rugby matches which unleash as much passion as the big brother of the SUA are relayed in the columns of La Dépêche du Midi. A local anchor dear to the will of the newspaper. Each player is loyal to his team, as our newspaper is in Lot-et-Garonne.
Smiles, bursts of laughter, old memories of matches or memorable third halves: at the table, during this gala evening, all the guests shared a pleasant evening. Jacques Laurens was a privileged guest. He recalled his attachment to rugby, whether local (founder of the departmental committee) or international (he is on the board of directors of France 2023). The referees were also honored in the person of Ludovic Cayre. Greatly injured in rugby at 15, he explained why he had taken up the career of referee afterwards. By the desire to stay in the world of rugby that he loves so much. A paying choice when you see the career of the Duraquois…
Camille Dintrans (daughter of Philippe), energetic humorist, warmed the room with her attached portrait of “Gigi”, a rugby supporter from home, a bit rustic, and her anthology of songs that all rugby players know… We don’t tell you will not sing the song of “Gigi”, a story of flowers and Dalida, to make your chaste ears blush…
A dozen awards were named (best honor player award, best referee award, etc.) during a really nice evening, reflecting a sport that keeps a sense of values, incomparable human dimension. Hats off, rugby fan.


Best Federal player: Paul-Louis Basquet (3rd line, Layrac)
Best Honorary Player: Hugo Tolot (back, Pont-du-Casse)
Best Player of Promotion-Honneur: Kevin Granat (Second row, Le Passage-d’Agen)
Best Playoff Player: Anthony Martin (flying half, 4 Cantons-BHAP)
Best coaching duo: Mathieu de Carli and Eric Bourdeilh (Layrac)
Best player: Laëtitia Cassou (hooker, Layrac)
Best referee: Ludovic Cayré
“Rugby for all” trophy: Christian Lagarde (departmental rugby committee)
Best rugby school: RC Mézin
“Jury’s favourite” trophy: Sylvain Beguerie
Special Prize “La Dépêche du Midi”: Pierre-Etienne Bord (President of the SUA Rugby Association)
Special “departmental council” prize: Maya Grat (SU Agen)

Volunteer trophies: Gaëlle Varouza (Virazeil), Daniel Bernet (Le Queyran), Pascal Verdier (Le Passage), José Migueis (US Vallée du Lot 47), Alain Barbiero (Confluent), Jacques Tovo (Caudecoste), Laurent Burlin (Pont -du-Casse), François Ricard (Marmande), Virginie Contou (Layrac), Patricia Ramires (RCBB), Claude Girardi (4 Cantons-BHAP), Georges Cortes (Casteljaloux), Christian Krupa (Sainte-Livrade), Gilles Maisonneuve ( Sainte-Bazeille), André Riberot (Lavardac), Luc Bibier (Duras), Michel Vincent (Castelmoron), Yves Daste (Mézin), Thierry Tregouet (Nérac), Robert Polese (Miramont), Julian Lionnel (Laroque-Timbaut), Christian Pages (Lacapelle-Biron), Eric Baret (Penne-Saint-Sylvestre), Frédéric Bassan (Buzet), Josette Raymond (Villeneuve), Laurent Lachenevrerie (Saint-Aubin), Madeleine Boutin (Colayrac), Carolle Maitre (Foulayronnes), Jessica Moro (Saint Columbus).

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