Lot et Garonne. Rugby: Queyran made a successful debut at home against Sainte-Bazeille

The Queyrannais won on Saturday. (©Lea Lanzutti)

For this first day of the Regional 1 championship, the players of Ourbise received RC Bazeillais.

The two teams had not crossed paths for a few years, so it was difficult before kick-off to designate a favorite for this opening of the championship.

In view of the crowds around the inter-municipal stadium, this first duel of the season was expected to say the least.

A balanced game

No observation time between the two teams, the desire to send the game is felt in both camps and in this game there, it is the bazeillais who strike first since after having obtained a sanction, the striker bazeillais Pourcheresse will open the scoring.

The Queyran will not be long in reacting first of all through the house scorer Theys then after a magnificent movement from the back lines, it is Bernet who will come to flatten between the Bazeillaises poles.

The intensity does not weaken in this first half despite a few faults on both sides which will reduce the two teams to 14. The two formations return to orange on the score of 13 to 6.

No bonuses

The second half will be more padlocked and more clumsiness.
On a scrum 15 meters from the Bazeillais in-goal, a magnificent 8-9 is initiated between Guillaume Garin and Kevin Plouchart, who will slip a skimming game well felt for the elusive Queyran winger Lucien Bottechia who will come from the end fingers, flatten the second Queyrannais try.

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The Bazeillais have not yet said their last words, and it is on a well-structured penetrating group that the forwards will carry the Queyrannais to their in-but to restart the match.

The end of the match will lose intensity and a penalty on each side will seal the score (23 to 14) of this pleasant meeting.
It is therefore a successful start for the Queyrannais, who will have to settle in particular in conquest to hope to repeat this kind of result.

They will travel to Mussidan next weekend for the second day of the championship.

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