Lot-et-Garonne: the rugby section, a link between the high schools of Nérac

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one year, the city’s three high schools are working together on the development of a rugby section for their students from 3rd to 12th grade.

Who says September, says back to school for the students of the city of Albret. This is also the case for those of the George-Sand general high school, the Armand-Fallières agricultural high school, and the Jacques-de-Romas trades high school. And the three establishments are linked by a noble cause: the rugby section of Nérac. “It was set up by the three high schools last year. It was a workshop because it was not yet recognized by the National Education. But this year, it is recognized”, explains Pierre Mantovani, one of the supervisors of the structure.

Prestigious guests throughout the year

The hotel school is the support establishment, and works in collaboration with the other two. All students from 3rd to 12th grade can come and participate in the sessions. The only condition: to have a license at the UNSS or in a rugby club. “It’s based on individual technique, and a bit of tactics. We are not going to ask them to teach them how to make passes, but we are going to teach them when to do them, ”underlines Pierre Mantovani. A work distributed for 2h30 per week, with a one hour training session on Monday and another one and a half hour on Tuesday. Special sessions will also be scheduled. “There will be a lot of players to develop the rugby player in the broad sense”.

Last year, a dietician or physiotherapists came to advise young athletes on good practices to adopt before a match. Video sessions can also be offered. “Jean-Luc Vialaret will come for the kicking game, Titou Tarozzi will come to help us with the implementation of exercises, there will also be Olivier Campan… We try to get closer to these people who have a crazy story to bring a experiences for young people. Several surprises will also be offered. In this mission, Pierre Mantovani, player of US Nérac, can count on the support of his teammate, Maxime Léberon.

About fifteen volunteers, girls and boys alike

And both men also plan to bring in USN players. “Theo Furlan and Samuel Sansan will come and help us on occasion with the kicking game. We do this for the children, and also for the club. The more seasoned children we have, the more the club will progress. It is also a child of the Nerac rugby school who will be the first sponsor of the rugby section, for this school year 2022-2023. “On Nathan Decron’s agreement to be the sponsor of the promotion. We will try to do this a little each year, ”smiles Pierre Mantovani, who hopes to welcome many students. Last year, nearly fifteen of them took part in the sessions on a regular basis. “We would need about twenty students all the time to work well”. During the back-to-school session, there were already about fifteen of them, girls and boys combined, while communication in the three establishments had not yet been carried out. An encouraging sign, now ask for confirmation in the weeks to come.

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