Lot: new test for Cahors Rugby

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Cahors Rugby, winner of its first two matches, passed a new test this Sunday when it traveled to the Lévezou field on behalf of the third day of the Federal 2 championship.

It was imperative to avoid a difficult start to the season with in its wake, its procession of doubts and questions. With nine points in two games, we can say that the Cadurciens started their season in the best possible way, first in accounting terms, but also morally. They will now be able to tackle the last part of this first block of three games with more serenity.

“We will have to travel with big intentions or risk great disillusionment”

A second test far from the base which will again require strength of character. “We know this Lévezou team well. She is still very eye-catching and should not be taken lightly. We will have to travel with big intentions or risk a big disappointment » announces Thomas Laussac.
Especially since this Sunday will be the day of return to home for the Aveyronnais who came out twice during the first two days (winners of the derby in Decazeville but beaten 41-26 last Sunday on the lawn of the 4 Cantons). “At home they are very difficult to take. But we have the weapons to do better than against Decazeville where we lacked patience with a lot of waste in our game. We have to manage to put in place everything we sometimes work on and remain calm, because we was a little feverish”.
Despite some collective dross at the start of the season and a slight lack of realism in the scoring areas, the Lotois showed solid foundations and if the first outing in Riom fulfilled the objectives, it will be necessary to get back to work on Sunday. Now openly candidates for the final stages, the Cadurciens will have to force themselves to chain victories and take points away from home.
Matches at 3 p.m. for the pennant teams and at 1:30 p.m. for the U23 teams at the Louis Bernad stadium in Cassagnes-Bégonhès. Referee M. Souquet (Occitanie).
Irakli Tsukhishvili could find a place on the front line, but Jordan Recchia (center) against injured Decazeville will not be on the trip.

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