Lunnel Olympic Rugby aims to develop its women’s section

The Lunello Olympic Rugby organized a 100% female discovery day on Saturday 17 September.

In order to promote women’s rugby, Rugby Olympique lunello (Rol) organized a discovery day on Saturday. A dozen young girls from the Grand Montpellier rally (Rol, Mauguio, Pic Saint-Loup and Jacou) and from the sports section of Ambrussum college first took part in technical workshops (passes, kicking, contact, etc.). In the afternoon they received their counterparts from Avignon-Le Pontet and Béziers through six friendly meetings. “There was a very good atmosphere. The girls wanted to play, run and challenge each other”, welcomes Charles Heiderscheid, educator.

“Some invited clubs could not come”

The only downside is that the turnout did not live up to expectations. “The goal of the day was not to recruit but to promote women’s rugby. To bring clubs and coaches together. Unfortunately, our communication was late and some invited clubs could not come. We will redo this day but by taking it well in advance”, so he promises.

If the but of this day was not to swell the ranks of local players, the fact remains that the role wishes to develop its women’s section. “All the clubs have the same staffing problem. That’s why we resort to groupings, agreements. In Lunel, we have a sports section, but the girls still have the choice of playing as women or with boys. From the youngest, there is no more diversity. This is why we approached Mauguio and the school of Pic-Saint-Loup We would like to develop all this with the objective, in the long term, of “to have a women’s team of our own”, further explains the educator.

Two workouts per week

As for the competition, at the moment the girls at one level “unscrambled”Between “beginners” and “confirmed”. They play in a regional championship which brings together six teams playing rugby X. They prepare twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays alternately in Lunel and Mauguio, with a few trips to Pic Saint-Loup.

Contact club: 06 64 68 10 94

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