Luzech. Rugby: it’s the recovery for seniors

The seniors of US Luzech were able to work this month of July by following a physical preparation. This Wednesday, August 3 at 7:30 p.m. at La Douve, the senior boys meet for the first training session. For eleven years and the descent of Federal 3, Luzech has had three championship seasons in honor and eight in promotion honor.

It has been six years since Tanguy Tourriol and Jérôme Cantagrel train seniors in Honor Promotion, Quentin Rinié has joined them in the meantime; Anthony Ayral and Christophe Ramos will complete the coaching staff by managing the reserve in 2022-2023. The long-term work is paying off, the results for 2021-2022 have been good, regular, which has given the reward of first chicken in honor promotion, a title of champion shield of the Lot (honor promotion) and the right to evolve into regional 1 in 2022-2023.

Pool 4 is friendly and lively: Saint-Jory, Bressols, Lauzerte, RC Montauban, Montech, Gourdon, Saint-Céré, Bretenoux, Souillac and Luzech for a pool of ten clubs (out of forty in Regional 1 in Occitanie) with eight clubs evolving in honor in 2021-2022 joined by the first two of the honor promotion chickens.

This makes for shorter trips, interesting receptions for the treasurer, a balanced and sportingly interesting raised hen. Humbly, the players and management will try to play with the same qualities of defensive commitment, speed in the back lines and raise the level to have the best possible season.

Players have stopped, there is no departure to note, compensated by returns to clubs, recoveries and newcomers. Luzech will play a friendly match on Saturday September 3 for the Luzech celebrations, against a team from Auvergne and another during the rugby training day on Saturday September 10 before attacking the championship on September 18.

Before, all the players will have to be conscientious and present at the training sessions which take place on Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Douve stadium then at Trescols.

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