Malmö: freshly recruited, he misses his wedding

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A most unusual story, it is the case to say. While he was to get married on July 21 in his country, Sierra Leonean striker Mohamed Buya Turay (27) finally missed the ceremony to… be able to engage with his new team, Malmö, who wanted the get it as soon as possible! An incredible revelation. And that’s not all. Rather than canceling his union, the former Chinese club Henan Songshan Longmen then summoned his brother to replace him.

“We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone. But I wasn’t there because Malmö asked me to come here earlier. We took the photos beforehand. So it looks like I was there but I was not there. My brother had to represent me at the wedding himself. But I will try to take her to Sweden and Malmö now so that she is close to me. She will live here with me”, Turay told Swedish media Aftonbladet. A totally crazy story.

For the good story, Buya Turay still celebrated his debut with Malmö with a clear victory against Dudelange (3-0) last Tuesday, during the third preliminary round of the Champions League.

The wedding photos taken in advance by Buya Turay with his wife

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