Masseube. Rugby: time for recovery for the Future Massylvain

It was the resumption for the Future Massylvain last Friday. In his welcome speech, co-president Bruno Tomkus announced that the main objective of the club will be cohesion between leaders, coaches, educators and players, so that everyone finds pleasure in getting together. The sports project will be based on rigour, mutual respect but also on the conviviality so necessary for this sport.

He then presented the new leaders, announcing the appointment of Naeva De Zorzi as head of the rugby school (see below) in place of Manue Uliana, whose excellent work he cited. At the level of the senior teams, a physical trainer was recruited and many recruits were presented to the assistance both at the level of the women’s and men’s teams, including the integration of the juniors of the previous year.

Before the glass of friendship which brought together all the components of the club, the co-presidents declared that they wanted Avenir Massylvain to be a reference club by respecting all the work done previously by the previous teams.

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