Masseube: the rugby school prepares for the start of the school year

Naeva De Zorzi has taken over the management of the Masseube rugby school, a position she had previously held. Passionate about sport in general and about handball, this Montpellieran has found in rugby and in the Future Massylvain the values ​​of team sports where everyone brings to the group in a good state of mind and in solidarity.

The rugby school must be, for her, a place open to all, whatever their origins or the municipality of residence, where children can play for fun, learn the game and life as a team in a good atmosphere. .

More than 60 children are expected this season from baby-rugby to under-14s and Naeva De Zorzi reminds us that she needs educators to supervise each age group. She decided for her part to devote her Wednesday to rugby school while taking into account her professional constraints.

Although the Avenir Massylvain is a different association from that of the school, the links between the two structures are obvious and it is necessary to solidify this link, by assisting the children in the senior matches, perhaps by renewing the entry onto the field of players accompanied by a child or by the involvement of certain players in the education of young people.

The idea is that everyone finds their place, by multiplying the initiatives, tasting the stadiums and even an end-of-year trip to the rugby school, which depending on the support obtained, can take the children to meet a another territory and another way of doing things, always in a good state of mind.

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