“Mathias is not a bandit”: the mother of the Pogba brothers confides

Yeo Moriba, mother of Paul and Mathias Pogba, has long kept quiet about the extortion case that is tearing her sons apart. She confides in the “Parisian”.

By ThePoint.fr

Yeo Moriba and his son Mathias Pogba during the France-Australia match at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Paul Pogba was at that time very present in the France team.

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L’The year 2022, yet the year of the World Cup, is not placed under the sign of happiness for the Pogba family. On the one hand, Paul Pogba is injured and forfeited for the World Cup in Qatar. On the other hand, a case of extortion came to spoil the good relationship of this clan, apparently united. Paul Pogba was indeed the victim of an extortion attempt and various threats. His big brother Mathias would be involved. He was also charged and imprisoned. But according to Yeo Moriba, their mother, Mathias is involved “in spite of himself”. “Mathias is not a bandit, he has never had any problems with the law before this case”, she explained to the Parisian.

Yeo Moriba did not take the side of Paul or Mathias. She supports her two sons. But before her placement in pre-trial detention, she was unable to speak to Mathias and get his version of the facts. “I just hope he can get out of detention as soon as possible,” she also said. According to her, he was sent and did not himself threaten the star of the Blues. “I know that Mathias could not on his own initiative say the words that we heard about his little brother. »

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Yeo Moriba has suspicions about the mastermind of the case

In this case, Paul Pogba was threatened by several individuals, including some among his circle of close friends. One of them, whom he hosted at his home, notably stole money from him using his bank card. Besides, Yeo Moriba knew some of them. She was even contacted by message and four men came to put pressure on her at her home. She accuses a certain Roushdane of being the mastermind of the gang.

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What about Mathias’ accusations against Paul, whom he says is a “liar” and a “hypocrite”? “I don’t know the underside of all this, but I remain calm and I’m waiting for the truth to come out. »

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