Matteo Petitgenet (Vannes): “Nobody was too ready to go and shoot him, I didn’t hesitate: I went there”

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The adventure continues for Vannes! As in the previous round against Concarneau, Vannes OC (National 2) had to wait for the penalty shootout to validate its qualification for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France against Plouvorn (R1). A success that the Vannetais undoubtedly owe to their goalkeeper, Matteo Petitgenet, author of an XXL performance and hero of the evening. Decisive on his line, the VOC goalkeeper gave the victory to his team by scoring the fifth and last shot for his team. The Telegram focused on the remarks made by Matteo Petitgenet at the end of the meeting. “For the session against Plouvorn, I was confident. It’s an exercise that I’m doing well at the moment knowing that against Concarneau I also took one during the match. I was able to watch the series of shots at goal from Plouvorn against Sablé (opponent in the 7th round) after lunch and taking notes. Their first player shoots as he had done a fortnight ago and I stop him, so much the better. Afterwards I saw that their captain had changed sides, so I followed instinctively”, explained the native of Ploemeur before commenting quite simply on the but of the victory of which he is the author: “No one was too willing to go and shoot it, I didn’t hesitate: I went”.

to summarize

Vannes OC (National 2) won on penalties against Plouvorn (R1) and can pay tribute to its heroic goalkeeper, Matteo Petitgenet, during the 8th round of the Coupe de France. Decisive on his line, the 25-year-old goalkeeper scored the last shot of the Vannetais.

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