Mauléon in the skin of the hunted against Salles

It is also enough to remember the last trip of the Boars to Marius-Rodrigo to get an idea of ​​what awaits the Mauléonnais this Sunday. After a standoff of 160 minutes on May 25, 2019, the Basques snatched, at the end of the suspense, their rise to Federal 1 in climatic conditions similar to what we have been experiencing for a few days. The announced improvement could however allow the Souletins to reconnect with the promised land.

Caution is in order

Always best attack of the hen, the SAM remains preserved on two matches without scoring the slightest test. If the first had not prevented the players of the Desassis-Hontaas duo from obtaining victory in Bergerac (23-24), the boot of striker Florian Aguer could not do anything against the power of Langon 15 days ago , in the shock of the tied leaders (25-6). Now second, the SAM is starting a fourth block, at first sight affordable, with three receptions (Salles, Peyrehorade, Saint-Médard-en-Jalles) for a trip to Bagnères next weekend. But when you know the virtues of Salle, the improvement in Peyrehorad and the difficulty of establishing yourself in Bigorre, caution must be in order. The end of 2022 will allow us to learn more about the Souletins’ ability to stay in the two leading teams.

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