Maureillas-Las Illas: the Tennis club’s summer tournament comes to an end

Recently took place the finals of the tournament followed by the summer of the tennis club, awards ceremony in the presence of Robert Garrabé, departmental councilor, Jean Vila, mayor, and Luc Panabières, sports assistant. “After 18 days of competition, in the main ladies draws, Ana Maye Martinez wins ahead of Martina Bota Jimenez, both Catalans from the south. In the men’s category, Benjamin Pilliet of TC Nostra from Salon de Provence wins ahead of Alejo Garoni, Argentinian from Cordoba“, announces Robert Solé, vice-president of the club. “Attendance was about the same as last year with 120 singles players and 36 doubles players in seven categories. 160 matches were played in the mornings and evenings until 1 a.m. in an attempt to avoid the heat wave as best as possible“. More than 30 volunteers helped the referees Robert Solé and Alain Foucher, as well as the director of the tournament Marc Brière, the treasurer Alain Saleilles and the secretary Martine Alberny. After the awards ceremony, the municipality was thanked for the maintenance of the facilities and the mayor congratulated the club for its contribution to summer entertainment and for its action with young people during the year.

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